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Algeria Presse Service - 13/10/2014

"Unconventional Resources, Sustainable Development," theme of roundtable in Oran

ORAN (Algeria)- A roundtable under the theme "Unconventional Resources, Sustainable Development," was organized Sunday evening in Oran (432-km west of Algiers) by the end of the first day of the International Conference on Gas Industry in Algeria.
The meeting was organized by representatives of Gas Industry Association, the ministries of Energy, National Planning, Environment and Water Resources.
The first day of the conference was centred upon discussion about shale gas.
During debates, the representative of the Gas Industry Association, stressed "the communication problems relating to shale gas exploitation around the world," "the false views about its supposed dangers," and "hydraulic fracturing."
According to the speaker, "the debate should focus on the size of the industry to be built with the creation of tens of thousands of jobs and the additional relating activities that will develop."
The project "is huge, it is the birth of a new big industry and a real challenge, which is to get a very complicated industrial process under control," he said.

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