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Algérie Presse Service - mercredi 5 septembre 2007
President Bouteflika inaugurates the Beni Haroun mega-pumping station
President Bouteflika in Beni Haroun Mila- President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika inaugurated on Wednesday the huge pumping station nearby Beni Haroun dam in the north-eastern province of Mila, where he paid a working and inspection visit...
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Algérie Presse Service - mercredi 5 septembre 2007
Beni Haroun's hydraulic complex, an imposing work
The hydraulic complex of Beni Haroun, inaugurated Wednesday by President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika, is an imposing work meant to supply with drinking water up to four million people, in six provinces...
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Algérie Presse Service - vendredi 31 août 2007
Ecologic association for more rigour against fishermen with dynamite
Fishing with dynamite Oran- "Les amis de la mer" (sea friends), an association activating in the city Oran for the maritime environment protection is stooping over working out a request calling for more rigour against the fishermen with dynamite...
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Algérie Presse Service - mercredi 4 juillet 2007
Seawater desalination: Several contracts signed to build two plants
A score of contracts have been signed on Wednesday by the various partners involved in the seawater desalination plant projects of Mostaganem (200,000 cubic metres/day) and Cap Djinet (100,000 cu. m/day)...
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Algérie Presse Service - mardi 3 juillet 2007
Taksebt dam water to be transferred to 320 Tizi-Ouzou villages
Taksebt dam water is to be transferred Wednesday to 320 villages in east Tizi-Ouzou, in the attendance of Water Resources Minister Abdelmalek Sellal, the ministry indicated on Tuesday. The transferring device is located between Taksebt,...
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Algérie Presse Service - lundi 2 juillet 2007
Seawater desalination: Concerned company to be selected soon
The company to deal with the construction of a mega-plant for seawater desalination at Mers El Hadjadj (Oran) will be selected soon, Mines and Industry Provincial Director announced Monday. The plant’s construction works are to start before the end of the year, and the plant will be delivered in two years maximum...
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Algérie Presse Service - lundi 18 juin 2007
300 exhibitors at 3rd International Fair of Water Equipments and Services of Algiers
The 3rd international fair of water equipments and services of Algiers (SIEE-Pollutec 2007) opened Monday at the Algerian Exhibition Centre, with the participation of some 300 exhibitors, among which 70% foreigners...
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Algérie Presse Service - mardi 17 avril 2007
Hike of dams' filling rate
The global filling rate of 59 dams which counts the country increased, thanks to the last rains, to reach on Tuesday 48.88% against 44.95% in the same period of 2006, water resources ministry indicated...
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Algérie Presse Service - jeudi 12 avril 2007
Transfer of Taksebt waters to Algiers: 82% rate of advancement of Thenia tunnel
Taksebt dam Boumerdes - Water Resources Minister, Abdelmalek Sellal, stopped Wednesday,at his return from Tizi-Ouzou, at the construction site of Thenia tunnel (Boumerdes), which is part of the project of transfer of waters as from Taksebt dam (Tizi-Ouzou)...
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Algérie Presse Service - mardi 3 avril 2007
Seawater desalination: El Hamma plant to come into service in September
Works at El Hamma plantAlgiers - El Hamma (Mohamed-Belouizdad) plant of seawater desalination will come into service as from September and totally completed in December, a manager of Algiers province told APS...
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Algérie Presse Service - dimanche 11 mars 2007
Algerian dams reach 42.18% filling rate
Algiers - The latest rainfalls in almost all of Algeria's North have increased the reserves of 57 local dams by 144 million cubic meters in two days, bringing as such the global filling rate to 42.18% compared with 40.2% last year,...
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Algérie Presse Service - mercredi 7 mars 2007
Water management: Algeria's experience is "rewarding"
Paris - Guy Fradin, Director of the Seine-Normandie Water Agency (AESN) based in Nanterre in the region of Paris, emphasised Wednesday the need for consolidating "partnership with Algeria which experience in terms of water management can be rewarding for us...
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EL Moudjahid - mardi 27 février 2007
UNICEF: Algeria crossed "considerable" stages on the path toward the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)
Algeria crossed "considerable" stages on the path toward the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), notably in education and health sectors, UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) Permanent Representative in Algeria Raymond Janssens declared Monday...
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Algérie Presse Service - dimanche 4 février 2007
Use of nuclear energy in water production: Working group appointed
Chakib Khelil (r) and Abdelmalek Sellal Algiers - Energy and Mines Minister Chakib Khelil has appointed Sunday in Algiers an intersectoral working group charged with working out the integration of isotopic hydrology in the National Water Plan...
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Algérie Presse Service - samedi 3 février 2007
Environment: Plea for a "true international organisation"
The International Conference "Citizens of Earth," on environment in Paris came to a close Saturday in Paris by a call for voicing a number of commitments, including the adoption of a "Universal declaration of environmental rights and duties"...
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Algérie Presse Service - mardi 30 janvier 2007
200 experts in Algiers to gauge risks on water and environment's quality
Businesses of the 2nd International colloquium on water and environment got underway Tuesday in Algiers with the participation of more than 200 national and foreign experts and scientists. This two-day colloquium was opened by Water Resources Minister Abdelmalek Sellal...
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Algérie Presse Service - mardi 30 janvier 2007
President of World Water Council notes Algeria's financial efforts in hydraulic
President of World Water Council Loïc Fauchon praised Tuesday in Algiers Algeria's "financial efforts" in the hydraulic. "Algeria is among the countries which provide important financial means for their water resources' development and management," Fauchon told the opening of the 2nd international colloquium on water and environment...
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Algérie Presse Service - lundi 30 octobre 2006
Water resources: Available quantities enough to counter drought
ater Resources Minister Abdelmalek Sellal ensured Sunday the available water quantities in the dams and the ground water are sufficient to counter drought that is effecting the country since the end of summer season...
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Algérie Presse Service - dimanche 29 octobre 2006
Energy and hydraulics, possible “driving force” for Algerian-Russian cooperation
Russian Minister for Regional Development Vladimir Yakovlev declared, Sunday in Algiers, that energy and hydraulics were the two main sectors likely to serve as a “driving force” to accelerate and extend economic cooperation between Algeria and Russia...
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Algérie Presse Service - jeudi 21 septembre 2006
Water in Africa: Sellal pleads in Tunis for a "solid and responsible cooperation"
Abdelmalek Sellal, Algeria's Water Resources Minister and Vice-president of the African Ministers' Council on Water (AMCOW) -North Africa- seized Thursday in Tunis the international community to "rapidly and efficiently act" in this vital sector in Africa...
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