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Algérie Presse Service - mardi 19 novembre 2002
Water Purification: 62 New Purification stations Necessary Nation-wide
The sector of water purification which was equipped in April 2001 with an instrument for the management for infrastructures and planning projects through the creation of the national office for purification (ONA)...
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Algérie Presse Service - lundi 18 novembre 2002
Ghrib's Dam to Supply Three Provinces Shortly
Ghrib's dam, in the province of Ain Defla, shall soon be exploited for supplying the capital with drinking water, Water Resources Minister Abdelmadjid Attar announced in his recent visit to the province...
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Algérie Presse Service - samedi 9 novembre 2002
The Latest Rainfalls Increased by 39 Million Cubic Meters the Volume of Central and Eastern Dams
The rainfalls recorded on November 6, 7 and 8 have increased the volume of dams in the central and eastern parts of Algeria by 39 million cubic meters...
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Algérie Presse Service - samedi 2 novembre 2002
Hydraulics: Appreciable Provisions in Dams
Strong rainfalls which settled on Thursday and Friday on most of the Northern regions of the country resulted in appreciable filling rates, notably those of the centre where water provisions were...
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Algérie Presse Service - mardi 22 octobre 2002
Attar: Only 28% of the Dams' Capacities Exploited
The national exploitation level of some fifty dams in the country has reached only 28% of their capacities, pointed out Monday Water Resources Minister Abdelmadjid Attar...
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Algérie Presse Service - lundi 21 octobre 2002
Environment: Regional workshop on pollution in the marine milieu
Works of a regional workshop on the analysis of the oil products in sea waters and sediments is taking place since Saturday in Algiers, in the presence of five countries...
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Algérie Presse Service - dimanche 20 octobre 2002
Inauguration of the 2nd exhibition of water and energy
The 2nd international exhibition on water and energy was inaugurated on Sunday here by representatives of ministers of energy and mines ministry...
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Algérie Presse Service - mercredi 25 septembre 2002
Algeria/IDB : Credit of 32.07 millions dollars destined to a hydraulic project
The board of executive directors of the Islamic development bank (IDB), met recently in Tehran (Iran), decided to grant to Algeria a loan of 32.07 millions dollars...
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Algérie Presse Service - mardi 24 septembre 2002
Hydraulics/Dams: Important quantity of water for One night
The heavy rains, which fall over the country on Monday night and Tuesday, resulted in important rates of dams’ level, according to data collected Tuesdays by the ministry of water resources...
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Algérie Presse Service - mardi 10 septembre 2002
"Integrated Management of Water", theme of a Franco-Algerian Colloquium
Water shortage, which is prevailing in Algeria during the last months, where more than 45% of the mobilised resources are lost in the ground, is considered a true godsend for a number of foreign companies...
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Algérie Presse Service - jeudi 8 août 2002
Beni Haroun, Algeria's Biggest Dam Delivered
Algeria's biggest hydraulic infrastructure, the dam of Beni Haroun, has been delivered Wednesday by the managers of the national dams agency (ANB) in the presence of Mr. Kalli...
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Algérie Presse Service - mercredi 24 juillet 2002
Fades/Algeria: A loan of 103 millions Dollars to finance a hydraulic project
An accord of loan of 31 Millions Kuwaiti Dinars (about 103 Millions Dollars) was signed in Djenane El-Mithak, between Algeria and the Arab Fund of the economic and social development (Fades)...
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Algérie Presse Service - mardi 23 juillet 2002
The project of interconnection of Boukerdane, Bouroumi and Ghrib dams is operative
The first phase of the project of interconnection of the dams of Boukerdane (Tipaza), Bouroumi (Blida) and Ghrib (Ain Defla), has been delivered for one week, the Minister of water resources, Abdelmadjid Attar said...
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Algérie Presse Service - lundi 6 mai 2002
The President lays the foundation stone of the dam of Oued Khelfoun (Tlemcen)
The president of the republic, Mr Abdelaziz Bouteflika proceeded on Monday in the municipality of Ouled Mimoun, first step of his visit in the wilaya of Tlemcen...
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