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Algérie Presse Service - lundi 8 mars 2004
Henkel-ENAD Algerie Group Sign an Agreement on Environmental Performance
An agreement on environmental performance was signed Tuesday by the Ministry for Town Planning and Environment and Henkel-ENAD Algerie group, in the presence of Minister Cherif Rahmani and the German ambassador in Algiers...
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Algérie Presse Service - vendredi 27 février 2004
President Bouteflika at the AU Summit : Interest for Agriculture and Water Constitutes a Major Priority
President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika pointed out Friday in Syrte (Libya) that the interest African leaders devote to agriculture and water development in the continent constitutes a high degree of priority in Africa’s development...
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Algérie Presse Service - samedi 7 février 2004
Tichy Haft Dam Ready on April 2005
Tichy Haft dam, under construction in Seddouk municipality, will be delivered on April 2005, according to the national dams agency’s (ANB) and Cosider company’s managers last commitments...
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Algérie Presse Service - mardi 27 janvier 2004
Dams: Surplus of Over 600 Million m3 in One Year
The 52 dams managed by the national dams agency (ANB) have registered a surplus of 631.15 million cubic metres from January 25, 2003 to January 25, 2004, ANB announced...
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Algérie Presse Service - samedi 24 janvier 2004
Alsat-1 for the Development of the High Plateaux and Steppe
Space technologies are called to be involved in the development of large sections of the national economic activities, the senior executives of the Algerian Space Agency (ASAL)...
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Algérie Presse Service - lundi 12 janvier 2004
Dams: 2.657 Billion m3 Stored up to January 11th
The overall water volume stored at the level of the 52 Algerian dams reached 2.657 billion cubic metres on January 11th, 2004, against 1.581 billions a year ago...
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Algérie Presse Service - lundi 5 janvier 2004
President Bouteflika Inaugurates Beni Haroun Dam (Mila)
President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika started Monday afternoon his visit to the province of Mila with the inauguration of Beni Haroun dam, the country's first ever achievement given its scale and capacity...
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Algérie Presse Service - lundi 15 décembre 2003
Role of Partnership for the Materialisation of Africa's Environment Initiative
President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika has highlighted Monday here the central role of partnership in the strategy decided for the materialisation of the African environment initiative...
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Algérie Presse Service - samedi 13 décembre 2003
Water Stocks Can Meet the Capital’s Demands Until 2005
Drinking water stocks will meet the capital’s demands until 2005, officials from the water resources ministry announced. The rainfalls recorded lately in several regions, especially Algiers and its surroundings...
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Algérie Presse Service - lundi 8 décembre 2003
Four Consortiums Tender for Projects of Seawater Desalination Units
Four international consortiums tendered Monday here for projects related to the construction of four seawater desalination units in Skikda, East-West Algiers and Oran, it was revealed after the opening of the technical tenders...
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Algérie Presse Service - samedi 6 décembre 2003
Hydraulics: Satisfactory Rainfalls, Dams' Level Up
The rainfalls, recorded in the past 48 hours, brought additional provisions of 19 million m3 in the fifty dams nationwide, increasing the global rate to 41.92 % ...
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Algérie Presse Service - samedi 29 novembre 2003
Algeria to Partake in the International Exhibition on Environment Technologies
Algeria will partake in the international exhibition of environment technologies next December 2- 5 in Paris, announced the water resources ministry...
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Algérie Presse Service - dimanche 23 novembre 2003
Dams: Provisions of 31.55 Million m3 in Three Days
The recent rainfalls in the northern part of Algeria on November 20-22 have increased the provisions to 31.55 million cubic metre, that is an average filling rate of 41.28%, the national dams agency (ANB) announced on Saturday...
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Algérie Presse Service - samedi 22 novembre 2003
Sea Water Desalination: Tenders Opened on November 29th
The opening of the invitations for technical tenders of the sea water desalination projects has been scheduled for Saturday 29 November 2003 at El Aurassi Hotel ...
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Algérie Presse Service - samedi 18 octobre 2003
El Hamma Sea Water Desalination Project Landed by American IONICS
The realisation of El Hamma sea water desalination project here of a capacity of 200,000 cubic metres daily has been landed by American group IONICS, which will have to complete it within 24 months for some $250 million...
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Algérie Presse Service - samedi 27 septembre 2003
Meeting of the leading panel of the aquiferous system project of septentrional Sahara
The proceedings of the first meeting of the leading panel of the 2nd phase of the project of the aquiferous system of septentrional Sahara (sass) opened Saturday in Algiers at the seat of the national agency for water resources...
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Algérie Presse Service - mardi 16 septembre 2003
Meeting of managers of the water sector
A meeting gathering managers of the regional agencies, managers of zones and heads of units of the Epic "Algérienne Des Eaux", was chaired on Tuesday in Algiers By Mr Mohamed Douihasni, minister of water resources...
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Algérie Presse Service - vendredi 5 septembre 2003
Presidential Decree: Partial Government Reshuffling
The Presidency of the Republic has issued Friday the following communiqué: "President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika, on the proposal of Head of Government Ahmed Ouyahia...
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Hydroplus - jeudi 21 août 2003
HUMANITARIAN ACTION, Water Help in Algeria
In the aftermath of the earthquake which stroke Algeria, eight people working for the Eaux de Marseille group have been sent on the spot as part of the "Water Help"...
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Algérie Presse Service - lundi 18 août 2003
Attar on a Visit to Boumerdes: Water shall be available in the Chalets
Hydraulics Minister Abdelmadjid Attar was on a working and inspection visit Sunday to the province of Boumerdes to enquire about the progress report of the works in the chalets sites...
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