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Decree n°84-05 of 2 January 1984 relative to implementing Article 143 of the law n°83-17 of 16 July 1983 concerning the waters code. (04 articles)

Article 1

The hydraulic state employees and agents, belonging to the enumerated bodies in the above mentioned Article 143 of the law 83 17, exercise their prerogatives within the scope of Articles 21 to 27 of the penal procedure code.
They must be sworn and duly equipped with their commission.

Article 2

The taking of an oath takes place before the court of the administrative residency place.

Article 3

The hydraulic state employees and agents, concerned with the above mentioned first article, are commissioned by a ministerial decision.

Article 4

The present decree will be published in the Official Journal of the Democratic and Popular Republic of Algeria.
Done in Algiers, the 2nd of January, 1984.

Chadli BENDJEDID                        

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