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Algerian Focal Point
Location : (Batna) Algeria
Date : 22 to 23/10/2013

2nd International Conference on the Integrated Water Resources Management GIRE'2013

October 22nd-23rd, 2013, Batna, Algeria

Is Organized

The Department of Earth and Universe Sciences
Faculty of Sciences - Hadj Lakhdar University - Batna.
In collaboration with

Institute of Hydraulics, Civil and Architecture Engineering
Laboratory of Water Resources Management. (MGRE)
Laboratory of Applied Hydraulics (LRHYA)

The integrated water resources management must permit to answer to the increasing demands of the various uses while ensuring its conservation and its perennially under acceptable conditions of environmental protection, while considering the projected incidences of the climate changes.

This conference aims:

- to share international experiences as regards studies of the climate changes and their incidences on the

hydrous systems in a general way;

- to enquire about and share experiences in the fields of the modeling of groundwater flows and of surface;

- to enquire about the mechanisms and the progress recorded to the water governance according to the international standards as well as the progress made as regards right of water, water economy, and approaches connected with the management of the conflicts related to water.

1- Systemic approaches and modeling of the groundwater flows and of surface
2- Prevision and management of the natural risks related to the water resources.
3- Overexploited systems and deterioration of the water resources quality.
4- Integrated water resources management.

Deadline of sending papers: June 15th, 2013
Deadline of sending final papers: July 31st, 2013

Call For Papers (PDF Version)

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