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Algerian Focal Point
Location : (Biskra) Algeria
Date : 14 to 14/10/2014

A technical information day on the water conservation and preservation of its quality

Biskra, October 14, 2014

The Hydrographical Basin Agency of Sahara (ABHS) and the University Mohamed Kheider of Biskra , organize on the 14th October 2014 in Biskra a technical day on raising awareness and popularization of the economy of water and the preservation of its quality. This meeting is intended to academia in the presence of the major potential water stakeholders, agriculture and industry of the Sahara region, the general theme relates to the rational use of water in different sectors of activity. The proposed program is divided into five (5) sub-themes, namely:

Laws and regulations in force governing the implementation of the water policy in Algeria
   - EVALUATION AND RAISING WATER RESOURCES (Potential water and resource conservation - Diagnosis, constraints, modeling, development Scenarios)
   - INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT AND PLANNING OF WATER RESOURCES (saving water, irrigation methods, Integrated Water Resources Management, Environmental Impact)
   - USE OF NON CONVENTIONAL WATER RESOURCES - (Reuse of treated wastewater in agriculture (water reserves, types and methods of treatment, experimental results, appropriate types of vegetation and agricultural practices)
   - ROLE OF CIVIL SOCIETY IN THE MANAGEMENT OF WATER RESOURCES - The impact of the intervention of associations in mitigating poor water management. 
The technical and scientific event is intended particularly to academia in the region, to discuss the current state of water resources in the Sahara region, constraints and challenges to present relevant solutions allowing to reduce or take up these constraints and problems especially in water-intensive industries and especially to involve universities to engage research topics in the field. 
More information on the website of the ABH Sahara at :

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