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Algerian Focal Point
Location : (Algiers) Algeria
Date : 22 to 23/02/2011

The 4th International Symposium- Water Resources and Sustainable Development (CIREDD‘4)

 will be organized by

The National High School for Hydraulics

on the 22nd - 23rd of February 2011 in Algiers

Under the High Patronage of Mister the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research

Mister the Minister of Water Resources

- First Circular-

Freshwater is an essential element for sustainable development as well as to life. Water possesses social, economic and environmental values that are interdependent and complementary. Limited access to water in quantity and quality is one of the main factors hindering sustainable development. The sustainable management of water resources must be based on an integrated approach linking development and protection of the natural environment, on the participation of all actors and concerned parties and on the recognition of the economic and social value of water. We must promote the integration of all aspects of planning, management and protection of water resources by developing plans which aim to satisfy basic needs and to promote equitable and effective distribution of water resources, ecosystem protection and maintenance of the water cycle.
Through this Symposium, particular attention is paid to strategies of rigorous management, of rational use and protection of water resources based on scientific and technical tools. Through the various themes, the conference of international significance will enable the academic community, researchers and managers not only an exchange of experience, but also a better understanding on how that can be implemented to better optimize therefore better manage.

We must react now, for there is not a second chance. Water for all mankind. Water for life

Overall Theme: Water Resources and Sustainable Development

The sub-themes:

1 - Climate Change and Water Resources

2 - unconventional Waters and their use

3 - Modelling in Hydraulics

4 - Water Economics and Management

5 - Management of large hydraulic constructions

6 - Impact of Water on Environment

7 - Extreme Events and Natural Hazards.

The Languages of the Syposium are Arabic, French and English.

Full paper submission: September 30, 2010

The call for papers of the 4th International Symposium : Water Resources and Sustainable Development (CIREDD'4) announcement 

For additional information, please contact :
Secretariat of the Syposium
- Prof. MEDDI Mohamed.
- Dr HASSANE Mohamed.
- AMMARI Abdelhadi
National High School for Hydraulics.
BP 31.09000.Blida. Algeria.
Phone: + 213 (0)25 39 94 47 / 90 71
E-mail : /

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