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Algerian Focal Point
Location : (Constantine, Annaba) Algeria
Date : 11 to 25/01/2012

Call for papers: Organization of technical days: hydraulic land registry and nationalisation of works

By The Agence de Bassin Constantinois - Seybousse - Mellegue

on 11th January 2012 at Constantine
& 25th January 2012 at Annaba

The Agence de Bassin CSM has planned to organize two meetings on 11th January 2012 in Constantine and 25th January 2012 in Annaba, which are technical days holding the topic of hydraulic land registry and nationalisation of works.

These panel discussions aim to clarify a number of related concepts including the development of technical databases in the region, but also to take stock of the creation, updating and processing of administrative state documents.

They bring together the representatives of DRE (Water Resources Department of wilaya), ADE, ANBT, ANRH as well inspection offices of the areas concerned and the APC.

For the meeting in Constantine, the wilayas concerned are : Batna, Bejaia, Constantine, Jijel, Khenchela, Mila, Oum El Bouaghi and Setif.

For the meeting in Annaba, the wilayas concerned are : Annaba, Skikda, Guelma, Souk Ahras, and Tarf Tébess.

If you are intersted by a papaer presentation, you can send your submission before december 29th, 2011, enclosing the title and a very brief summary of your presentation, that should not exceed 15 minutes.

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