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Algerian Focal Point
Location : (Annaba) Algeria
Date : 26 to 28/11/2011

Call for Papers: International Conference: Fourth International Meetings of the Environmental Economics in Annaba QRIEV

The Problem of Water in South Mediterranean Countries: Case from the maghreb

26, 27, 28 November 2011

Organized by

University Badji Mokhtar, Annaba. Algeria
Faculty of Economics and Management
Research Laboratory - Department of Economic Science and Studies

The Faculty of Economics and Management, University of Annaba is organizing the Fourth International Meeting of the Environmental Economics of Annaba on 26-27-28 November 2011.
 The general theme chosen for these meetings is: "The issue of water in the South Mediterranean countries".

The analysis of water management foregrounds the problem of this vital resource, among its availability, its social and economic distribution and risks arising from various damages suffered this resource, in the Maghreb countries with sustainable water stress, such as Algeria. This analysis makes it necessary to clarify its nature as a natural resource at the same time as commodity, in the case of those countries suffering from water stress and accelerate the liberalization of their economic spheres, including the commercialization of the vital resource "water"

 A- Natural resources and development policies into practice in the Maghreb countries.
 B- Urban Water Management: the case of concessions for urban water management to global specialized companies, such as "Veolia", "Gelsenwasser", etc..
 C- Scientific Research and Natural Resources: Recent advances, treatment of wastewater, desalinated water, water quality, urban, rural and industrial farms.
 D- Financial Aspects of Natural Resource Management policies and regulatory practices through the application of the principle "polluter pays ".

Deadline for receipt of abstracts: 10/09/2011
Submitted abstracts should be written in the format Times New Roman 12 for the title and body text and contain 500 words, excluding space.

 * Response of the Scientific Committee: 30/09/2011
 * Receive final texts: 30/10/2011

Contact : 
Chairman of the Conference QRIEV
Faculty of Economics and Management
University Badji Mokhtar of Annaba
B.P. 12 El Hadjar
Annaba 23000 Algeria
(+213) 38 55 29 07

(+213) 38 55 26 94 
Link of reference: Université Badji Mokhtar d'Annaba

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