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Date Place Event
9 to 10/10/2003 (Sousse) Tunisia International colloquium on Water Governance and Sustainable Development
20 to 20/08/2003 (Brussels) Belgium Euro-Mediterranean Regional Programme For Local Water Management
19 to 21/06/2003 (Nicosia) Cyprus Conference on: Integrated Water Management, policy Aspects
11 to 12/04/2003 (Lille) France Conferences on Water and society
16 to 23/03/2003 (Kyoto) Japan 3rd World Water Forum Kyoto-Japan
17 to 18/12/2002 (Tunis) Tunisia Co-ordination committe seminar of the National Focal Points
16 to 16/12/2002 (Tunis) Tunisia EMWIS Regional information seminar (Tunisian EMWIS Focal Point)
13 to 14/12/2002 (Gabès) Tunisia First international seminar on
3 to 07/11/2002 (Madrid ) Spain International conference of basin organizations (RIOB)
9 to 10/09/2002 (Algiers) Algeria Franco-Algerian colloquium on "Management and mastery of the complete water cycle"
18 to 18/06/2002 (Algiers) Algeria The composition of the new government
5 to 06/02/2002 (Chlef) Algeria International seminar on water : ABH-CZ and the university of Chlef
13 to 13/10/2001 (Algiers) Algeria Opinion for preselection
9 to 09/07/2001 (Algiers) Algeria EMWIS regional information seminar: Algrian EMWIS Focal Point
21 to 22/03/2001 (Constantine) Algeria World Water Day under the theme of : Water ... source of life
11 to 11/03/2001 (Algiers) Algeria Observatory of Sahara and Sahel
15 to 15/12/2000 (Algiers) Algeria New Telephone Numbering System
22 to 22/10/2000 (Algiers) Algeria Call for tender
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