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Date Place Event
26 to 27/11/2005 (Blida) Algeria International colloquium on
20 to 22/11/2005 (Béjaïa) Algeria The 2nd seminar on Algerian wetlands
12 to 13/11/2005 (Béchar) Algeria The 2nd national seminar on water and environment
27 to 29/09/2005 (Amman) Jordan The 5th Coordination seminar of the EMWIS National Focal Points
20 to 23/06/2005 (Algiers) Algeria SIEE-Pollutec 2005: International exhibition of equipment and services for Water
4 to 04/06/2005 (Algiers) Algeria The 2005 USABC Energy and Water Symposium
29 to 31/05/2005 (Arzew) Algeria The 2nd seminar on seawater and brackish water desalination technologies
23 to 26/05/2005 (Marrakech) Morocco General Assembly of the Mediterranean Network of Basin Organizations
23 to 25/05/2005 (Algiers) Algeria Days on the "Modernisation of Water Management in Algeria"
21 to 23/05/2005 (Algiers) Algeria 9th General Assembly of Mediterranean Network of Engineer Schools
7 to 10/05/2005 (Algiers) Algeria An international exhibitionon water resources, drinks and spin-offs (Sireb)
19 to 23/11/2004 (Laghouat) Algeria An international seminar on «Water and the risks in the context of the Sahara»
6 to 07/07/2004 (Rabat) Marocco Co-ordination committe seminar of the EMWIS National Focal Points
15 to 15/06/2004 (Constantine) Algeria Second World Water Day
30 to 03/06/2004 (Amman) Jordan International Water Demand Management Conference 2004
24 to 28/01/2004 (The Martinique) France The 6th World General Assembly of the International Network of Basin Organisations INBO
12 to 14/12/2003 (Tipaza) Algeria The Liaison Bureau Meeting of the International Network of Basin Organisations
2 to 05/12/2003 (Paris- Nord Villepinte) France Pollutec 2003: 19th International Exhibition of Environmental Equipment, Technologies and Services for Industry
11 to 12/11/2003 (Valencia) Spain International Conference on water resources management - the European Framework Directive on water
21 to 21/10/2003 (Constantine) Algeria The Basin Committee of the Constantinois- Seybousse- Mellegue region
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